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Symbian 3rd tips & best applications

Radu | : Offline a scris 13 Iul 2008 07:03 am     * Symbian 3rd tips & best applications *
Data inscrierii: Vin 19 Mai 2006 01:45 | msje: 627 | Locatie: Bucuresti

1)Jbak TaskMan
2) DEdit text editor

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Radu | : Offline a scris 14 Oct 2008 02:38 am     * tips *
Data inscrierii: Vin 19 Mai 2006 01:45 | msje: 627 | Locatie: Bucuresti

1) Smooth Smartmovie Settings
Download ffdshow from google searches-its free
install smartmovie converter
In smartmovie,change the encoder from xvid to ffdshow and configure it in this way:

Max keyframe interval 254
min keyframe 1
one pass quality based-%70 i recommend

32 kbps 16000hz

2)Converting Your Videos to RealPlayer
Output container: mp4 (MPEG-4) Output video codecs: MPEG-4

* Video scale size: 320 x 240 (most of the latest S60 phones use QVGA resolution, however double check your phone resolution)
* Frame/sec: 15
* Bit rate (kbps): 336 (you may need to lower the bit rate if your video cannot be displayed smoothly on the phone)

Output audio codecs: AAC

* Sampling rate: 22050
* Channels: 2
* Bit rate (kbps): 56

Compatible devices: S60 2nd Edition FP3, 3rd Edition, Nokia N-Series, Nokia E-Series.

3) Converting Your Movies to "DivX Player for S60"
* Output container: avi
* Output video codec: MPEG-4 (you can also select DivX or XviD)
* Output audio codec: MP3
* Encoder: FFMPEG
* Video
o Video scale size: 320240
o Aspect: 4:3
o Frame/sec: 15 (you may change to higher frame/sec, e.g. 25, for better video quality)
o Bitrate kbps: 336 (you can use higher bit rate, but the video may skip when played on DivX)
* Audio
o Sampling freq: 22050
o Channels: 2
o Bitrate kbps: 56
* Click Encode (Active Files) button to start encoding. When SUPER asks for FourCC, select XviD.

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Radu | : Offline a scris 14 Oct 2008 02:53 am     * symbian codes *
Data inscrierii: Vin 19 Mai 2006 01:45 | msje: 627 | Locatie: Bucuresti

*#0000# - Display the software version, the date when the software was built and the phone model. In some cases, the phone model is not the one used by marketing. It is the internal model used inside Nokia. For example, RM-36 is the internal name of Nokia 6680.

*#06# - Display IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identify) of your phone.

*#2820# (*#BTA0#) - Display the Bluetooth device address of your phone.

*#62209526# (*#MAC0WLAN) - Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in the newer devices that support WLAN

*#7370# (*#RES0#)- Reset your phone to the default factory settings. Usually you will need this code when you want to reset your phone back to the same condition when you got it for the first time. When the phone ask for security code, the default one is 12345.
Warning: Before you do reset the phone, make sure that you don’t have important data. Your data on the phone memory will be lost once you reset it.

*#92702689# (*#war0anty#) - Display the life timer information of your S60 phone, i.e. the total time of phone call (in minutes). Some users have asked how to reset this timer; as far as I know the only way to reset it is by flashing the phone.

*#7780# (*#rst0*) - This will soft reset your phone. It is different from *#7370# because all data, like contacts, calendar and notes, are not removed. It will only reset the phone settings, such as profiles, themes and shortcuts. The default lock code is 12345.

There is another key combination which is used to hard reset the phone (similar to #*7370). It is useful in some cases, for example when the phone cannot reboot. The trick is by switching off the phone then press and hold Call key (Green key) + * key + 3 key + power button for a couple of seconds

If you've forgot Security code of your Nokia mobile phone,
use Security Mastercode instead.

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