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GPS java

Radu | : Offline a scris 05 Ian 2009 10:25 am     * GPS java *
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1) What is Trackut?

Trackut is a New Innovative Concept in Social Networking.

With Trackut you can not only keep in touch with your friends but you can actually track them on the map. You have always wanted to meet one of your friend who has been tough to catch. With Trackut you can be alerted if he comes to your locality.

The communities and groups now can have physical location details associated with it. You were a member of the Coffee Day community but you always wondered where is the nearest coffee day near you. Trackut can help you find it as the community would have location details in addition to the normal chit chat. And the best thing about this is that you can do all this in your mobile phone in addition to the normal web interface.

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